Alpine School

The Alpine School for Student Leadership is a program aimed at Year 9 students which develops the young person socially and challenges them to become leaders. Students attend the program for a term at one of three locations. The three locations are Dinner Plains, Gnurad Gundij (Colac) and Orbost. Each camp exposes the students to many outdoor activities such as Bushwalking, Surfing, Skiing, canoeing, etc. These activities and many others are designed to increase the student’s confidence and their ability to lead others.

The students live on campus in dorm style accommodation for the 9 weeks and have access to email and normal post for that time to communicate with home. While on site the students are not allowed access to electronic devices such as mobile phones or beauty products which can be a challenge for some students.

The students who take part in this program always return with a much better skillset than when they left. Each year we have approximately 7 places in one of the three campuses mentioned above.

In 2015 six of our students will visit China for six weeks as part of their Alpine School experience.  While in China they will build on their leadership and teamwork skills. Students will also develop a better understanding of another culture.