English as an Additional Language Program

Swan Hill College EAL program/m is for Year 7-10 newly arrived students to the country. There is no Language School in Swan Hill, therefore students are screened using the Observation Survey and placed in withdrawal groups and given intensive English classes according to their individual needs. They are assessed according to the checklist for the AUS VEL’s Rainbow Graph as outlined by DEECD.

On arrival the students are placed in a New Arrival Program, which orientates them around the school, provides them with a structured environment to assist with integration and explanation of our school and Community customs.. They are given intensive English classes to learn to read, write and speak English. Each student has an ILP, (Individual Learning Plan). E.A.L students are encouraged to be involved with: Home Work Program, learn to swim classes, sporting activities and agencies in the Swan Hill Community.

Each year the students come together to Celebrate Harmony Day with the theme of ‘Belonging’. E.A.L. students are involved. The Year 7 cohort takes part in a range of activities, parents and Community agencies are invited to join into these festive activities.