Food Department

Swan Hill College offers a range of cooking opportunities for students throughout their secondary education. Year 7’s are introduced to kitchen safety and taught how to prepare basic food items. Year 8’s look at the nutritional aspects of food, how to understand recipes and practically prepare a range of foods including pastas, nachos, chow mein, chocolate chips cookies and more.

Middle school students can elect to study Cakes & Pastries, Catering, Food Safari or Food for Entertainment and learn all the skills required to build their knowledge on food.

At a senior level the college offers VCE food and VET Hospitality. Students learn about diet, multicultural foods and begin their research on their design folio for year 12. VET Hospitality sets students up with the required skill to enter the Hospitality industry. Students will attend a Melbourne camp and undertake work placement.

Swan Hill College has both a junior kitchen and senior industrial kitchen, and provides students with the opportunity to work with a range of equipment and foods.