Horizon Dance Academy

The Horizon Dance Academy was established in 2010 for Koorie girls in years 7 and 8. The aim of the program is to provide a connection not only to school but to participate in and feel the sense of belonging to a group. The program is an inclusive opportunity for girls from all backgrounds and is not restricted to Koori girls. The groups are instructed by professional dance teachers.

The Dance Academy has grown to be extremely popular with numbers growing each year. All participants sign a contract to uphold the values of the College, Respect, Responsibility, Belonging and High Expectations. Their performance is monitored through attendance, academic effort and behaviour.

The Horizons Dance Academy regularly perform at college assemblies, feeder primary schools, child care centres and other community events.

The Dance Academy has given many girls the chance to not only learn dance but to feel a sense of achievement in performing. It builds confidence and self- esteem and gives the participants aspiration to achieve their goals.