Throughout Years 7-12 our students have the opportunity to engross themselves in a range of Humanities subjects. In Years 7-8, as a component of their combined English/Humanities subject, they study Civics and Citizenship, Geography, History and Economics, broadening their understanding of their world and factors which determine how they interact with it.

We offer several core and elective subjects at Years 9 and 10 to allow the students to further their studies. Compulsory semester long History subjects run at both year levels and at Year 10 we offer Geography and Economics electives. The latter is known as Justice, Jobs and Markets and aims to offer a pathway into commerce based VCE subjects.

When choosing their VCE subjects, our students have the opportunity to follow a variety of streams of Humanities through to Year 12, as we offer Units 1-4 Geography, Legal Studies, Business Management, Accounting, Australian History and Geography.