The focus of the Numeracy program within the College is to build teachers capacity in order to further engage and challenge all students in mathematics. The aim is to make mathematics more meaningful to all students and to build on their mathematical skills and problem solving strategies which would then lead to improved student outcomes.

The Numeracy leader builds the capacity of maths teachers through professionally structured and time tabled coaching conversations.

The Maths Professional Learning Team, lead by the Numeracy Leader, involves the maths staff working together to share and document best teaching practice as outlined by the Teaching Framework. External professional development in Numeracy is always encouraged and supported. Professional development with specialised numeracy presenters, organised by the Swan Hill Network Numeracy Cluster is made a priority to all maths staff to encourage and support a consistent style of teaching mathematics.

Whole school numeracy is delivered through the College’s Professional Development sessions with the aim of supporting and building all teachers capacity in numeracy relevant to their subject needs, over a two year period. The Numeracy PD sessions are presented by the college’s Numeracy Leader