Senior School


The academic and personal development of students from Year 10 to Year 12 is managed by the Senior Sub School. The team consists of Year Level Managers and the VCAL Manager.

The Senior Sub School staff and students have developed a motto of ‘Hell bent on 100%’. Students’ attendance is constantly monitored and communication to staff and parents is paramount in making sure that students are at school and learning at all times. This is reinforced by VCAA's rule that 50 hours of class time must be obtained per unit to pass a subject. Community agencies are also utilised throughout the year to make sure students are work-ready and confident to apply for outcomes they wish to achieve in life.

All VCE subjects are taught by staff who are competent and able to help students both in and out of school hours. Our small community environment allows for a great deal of parent contact and student interaction. Our staff are flexible and generous with the time they dedicate to student learning and often run classes on weekends and holidays. Our VCAL students enjoy each of their areas of study and the projects involve many community organisations. Projects have been developed at local primary schools, pre-schools and school council parks.

Next year we are running an Achieving Excellence Group for year 12 students who are aiming for a high ATAR. This club has been formed around the concept of giving students extra information and guidance to help them achieve this goal. Sessions such as wellbeing, how to study, how to use the VCAA site, excursions to universities and parent information nights are designed to improve confidence and aspirations.

Student wellbeing plays an important part in our Senior Sub School. Each year level has a manager who oversees the day-to-day business of our students. Managers pride themselves in knowing each of their students, their pathways and their families. Each week the Wellbeing Team run a different theme during a study session for year 12 students. These sessions are focused on health and nutrition, relaxation techniques, study timetables, learning to fill out application forms and helping to communicate with parents.

The Senior Sub School promotes the College values on a day-to-day basis: Respect, Responsibility, Belonging and High Expectations. Our students are exemplary role models to the junior school and participate in many public events such as the Anzac March with a great amount of pride. Many of them have been invited to be guest speaker at numerous events. Some of our students have attended community excursions such as G’day USA and the Gallipoli Tour where they have earned great respect from the community participants. The Senior Sub School holds regular assemblies where students are recognised and rewarded for positive role modelling and community members are invited to make awards to students.

The school motto of ‘Achieving Excellence’ is a bench-mark the students, staff and parents of the Senior Sub School uphold with pride and work toward daily.